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Hi fellow sufferers, I have just received a letter from my GP practice stating that as I am taking Hydroxychloroquine for my RA & that in future I will need a Blood test every 6 months before they will renew my repeat prescription for these tablets. I already have a Blood test every 3 months for my RA required by my Rheumy which the results go to my GP as well so not sure why another test is needed. Just wondered if anybody else has had a similar Letter from their GP.

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You should let the GP know you are already having the necessary blood tests and, unless there are extra tests that the GP wants, I'm sure they wouldn't want you to repeat the tests unnecessarily. The letter is probably a standard letter that hasn't taken into account your regular rheumatology reviews.

When I have my annual review with the GP, they check that I've had a recent full blood count but don't ask for another. You could ask the rheumatologist to mention this is their letter, too. Hydroxychloroquine doesn't require particular monitoring but GPs don't always know this because it's a specialist treatment that can only be initiated by your consultant.

Does your GP definitely have access to the blood test results? I find my hospital doesn't send them any test or scan results and although they can access my hospital records, it means logging out of the GP's system and then having to go back in again afterwards - which is understandably really annoying for the GP.


Make sure you have regular eyesight tests and a full eye examination.

From the Macular Society:


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Yes I had the same when went onto a shared care agreement between gp and RA specialist as it flags up as a separate issue on MTX, my gp said it was because he could only supply MTX on script underwritten by specialist but still had re to confirm responsible medicating as a duty to patient care (but obviously I don't know if this may be a regional thing)



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