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2nd time physio about hour and half class with lots of physical workouts but this time knees have come out sore locking giving way

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dont want to give up but this seems daft to me as its making probs a lot worse i can see it may help most peeps there but it seems dangerous for me as both knees have given way after session and are crunching like mad and walking is very hard so much i had to give up going to bin in yard well lets see what you think

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Sounds like you're doing more exercise your body can manage in one go. No way could I do that amount myself. Pacing is key. Small, gentle bouts of exercise. Do too much and you'll make it worse (but do too little and that will make it worse too).

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i will be honest i dont do all as set out they leave me to to it but i feel guilty for not doing all thats s set out but would end on ass if i did some of them but his assistance are pushing you along i could shout at them sometimes

it sounds a lot of exercise Paul, especially if you are not used to it and ain't that well.

do you know why the class is so long - 90 minutes seems a long time ?

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2 hours but he talks for 30mins about subject

Speak to the physio about how you are afterwards and explain to them how you accept you will feel some pain afterwards,but this much pain is not good.Hugs darling.xx

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hi sylvi i have their adamant that you must strengthen muscles he doesnt seem to go with skimping the issue i am demotivating his class is what i feel i get from him but i must say most having little problem doing class and i dont like giving in but outcome is worse as it moment they and most peeps dont want to listen when i say i know when i can do exercise i aint no wimp anyways best thing coming out of it is i am getting out of house meeting peeps and an old boozing mucker but no sneaking off for a session or two those were the days dear dear 20 pints nothing wow

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Paul i had to give up alcohol 17yrs ago and i believe that was when RA reared its ugly head darling. Now things with my health is really going down the c"""""r.xxxx

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we used to go to rugby what started off as a few bevvies ended up all day it got that bad i had to put teletext on next day to find score sylvi feel as strong as an ox till i have to do something then oo r cantana get the wife for simplest of things and trouble is i look fit and strong but legs/knees ruling everything i do or more like everything i dont do makes me feel pathetic

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My confidence has taken a real bashing Paul thats for sure. Also like you i don't look ill,but the truth is a lot different isn't it darling.xxxx

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quick answer is yes and its annoying good job i have plenty peeps about me

Hello Paul, the physio is right in that exercise is very important and so is strengthening your muscles. There is a limit though and you are the one who knows best what that is. Exercising with some pain is absolutely fine (I take pain killers before I do my regular exercises), but with constant severe pain, you are probably doing more harm than good. Do as much as you can. Little but often. Have you looked at the NRAS website for exercise guidelines and videos? They are a very good starting point. I have been to physio classes at our local hospital and it was a bit like one glove fits all. That is never the case though. Please don't give up. Do little but as often as you can. I promise you won't regret it. All the very best.

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hi bernie your right about one glove fits all really really got me today back to zimmer knees civing way all time gone backwards greatly wife up in arms cant do her xmass shopping good job physio not around

I know exactly what you mean Paul. I have been going to physio for my arms and shoulders as I fell and ruptured two tendons in each shoulder in February this year. To begin with, things were good and the excercies were helping and my right arm was getting better really fast.

However, since the summer, the pain in my left shoulder and arm has become much worse and everytime I go for physio, it seems to make it worse. Last time, he got hold of my arm by the elbow and moved it to one side and ever since then the pain has been very bad and there is no let up to it. It crunches, grinds and clicks at every move. I put off my last physio session, but now that my next one is coming up, I don't know what to do, whether to cancel them altogether or to try it again. When I mentioned it once to him, he told me it was bad because I wasn't exercising it enough, but I was exercising it. I am like you and don't know what to do. I am waiting to have an MRI scan on it which has been requested as urgent, but I don't know what the hospital's idea of urgent is.

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PFKAAde in reply to holly-willow

I’d urge caution with manipulation of inflamed joints. Many years ago (about 15?) I had very painful shoulders, mainly the right one. It used to ‘go’ and I’d spend about an hour desperately trying to ‘click it back into place’. It wasn’t dislocating, but maybe a tendon was getting caught or something - never found out.

Anyway, I was sent for physio and they did manipulation. It did help with the pain and it did free up my shoulder a bit but the physio stopped after a few sessions because (in their own words) they were “worried about causing soft-tissue damage”. It did sound a bit grim when they were doing it.

Subsequently I was referred to a (good) shoulder surgeon who told me that I had a torn rotator cuff (amongst other things) and that the only surgical option was a total replacement but that it was contraindicated due to the torn cuff and might make things worse. I declined.

I decided to put up with it and spent 10 years sleeping on the other side and just accepting that my right shoulder was painful / restricted. Then I started going to the gym for a different reason, but as part of that I do upper body work including arms and shoulders. About 6 months after I started going to the gym I realised that I had started sleeping on the right side again, and now have a lot less pain in that shoulder. The movement is still, and always will be, very restricted when lifting over my head or putting my arm behind my back, but the pain is almost non existent (unless I do something with my arm).

Sorry for the essay, I guess I’m saying that it might be worth a conversation with the physio about your concerns and possibly waiting until you’ve had the MRI before they do too much manipulation of the joint?

All the best.


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pauluk60 in reply to PFKAAde

hi thanks for reply pfk i have got to say at the moment i wish i had never heard of physio whats getting to me these are supposed to be the bees knees like the" pun" but i need convincing they know what going on with peeps this should not happen between docs and physio theres something missing for me

holly you must do whats right for you you sound just like me if the physio doing more harm than good STOP IT please for your own sake you can always put in for it again do what you can lightly at home as you have said sack the physio fellow they havent got the pain get the scan and see whats going on some of those fellows need retraining they can cause a lot of pain and maybe damaged

I paid for private physio sessions a few years ago and the pain was excruciating. After 6 sessions he gave up on me because I picked up a cup of coffee one morning and snapped my collarbone. I ended up having to have surgery but suffered in silence for 18 months. My shoulder was so calcified up surgeon wondered how the hell I had managed for so long. I would be very wary of any physio who thinks one exercise plan fits all. You might be better trying to exercise at home with resistance bands and going for a long walk everyday if you can manage it or seeing if there is a exercise class in your area for seniors they can still be quite demanding but lower impact and more tailored for someone with problems like RA.

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Micktheclicky in reply to Leics

They say that swimming pool walking is one of the best forms of exercise ( that’s in it not on it) 😂

i thought i could walk on water once till someone bop me one yer water sounds good but they told i am to big for it got to be under 20st me 22st so no go

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spot on leics its just took 5mins to get from kitchen to me chair then wife had to bring me tea feel absolutely useless but i hope i will shrug it off

Yeah I agree swimming pool is low impact but still physical. Good idea if you can get to one or better still have your own. I should be so lucky lol.

So paul, what is the situation in your knees. Do you have the results from the scan? This is crucial information when planning physo excersise.

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no news of scan i will ask when at docs next time knees simba its scared me again they are giving way without warning locking and i am back to shuffling to get started very wobbly to say the least but i didnt want to refuse physio but dont think i will be doing next one

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