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Knee question



I am 41 with sero negative arthritis and Hashimoto’s. I have had various joint pains over the last few years but not in my knees. However, in the last couple of months I have been getting shooting pains sometimes in my knees, And today I was out for a walk and my knees started aching so much that it made me feel nauseous. I wanted to know if this sounds familiar with anyone?

I do a lot of exercise so I don’t know if it’s that but I have been doing exercise for many years and never had knee issues. I wanted to check whether this sounds like arthritis before I go back to annoy the doctors with yet another symptom :)


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It's quite possible that you might also have osteoarthritis alongside RA. But of course it might be RA, only a doctor would be able to tell you. Mention it to your rheumatologist or your GP.

I have RA & OA and it sounds a bit like OA or patella tendinitis. See a GP please.

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