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RA flare and menstral period


Hi I am wondering if anyone has similar symptoms every month for the last 3 months I have noticed that about 7 days before my period I flare sometimes for 1-2 days but now more commonly for about a 8 days plus where it gets so bad that some limbs hands totally sieze up and I cannot move without excruciating pain. I have started to note this as a pattern and it has happened for the last 4-5 months I am in my early 50’s and Dr has told me I’m not menopausal has anyone had similar experiences please let me know as every month I am losing several days of my life not being able to do much

Thank you

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Hi, unfortunately, this happens to me every month. I didn't notice it until I was away for a short break. It was summer, hot which is usually great for me but I noticed that a week or two before I was due this would happen, when I returned, I showed my Rheumatologist my journal. He confirmed that this was quite common, that it was due to hormonal changed during the monthly cycle. I did ask why he never told me this, he shrugged is shoulders and said every one is different. He didn't have any answers on how to mange this; over the years I have just learnt to get a lot more rest during those two weeks, I make no appointments or social events during this time and literally just take everything as slow and as gentle as possible. I am sorry this is happening to you as I know how horrible this is; I hope and pray it improves.

Yes, I am 49 and use to flare for a day or two when I was younger right before my period. However, as I get closer to menopause, I believe I am in perimenopause the flares have become worse and they last as longer. I am hoping once in menopause it will get better because there won't be so many hormones fluctuations . My doctor does not say much but I will talk with him again in two weeks because this month was the worst.

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