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Sinus issues!


I'm two weeks out from having sinus surgery. I have had trouble with it for years. Never feeling good and normal plus acting like I'm fine. I wasn't! I couldn't act any more. So my ENT had my sinuses scanned. I was told I had a cyst or a polyp. I went into surgery and woke up and was told I had a "fungus ball". After all this time I had this thing in my nose. So gross! Come to find out it is more common than I knew. So the reason I am telling everyone is I don't want them to have to go as long as I did to figure why they feel so bad. I thought it was my RA. But the low immunities I'm sure play a big part of me getting this. So fyi everyone and I hope you don't ever get this. I would add the photo but its bad and you can Google it.

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Hope you're felling better though now . Seems to be the week for lessons and knowledge . Speedy recovery 💐🤗

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Thanks so much! It's slow going but it starting to heal. Live and learn O always say.

Well done for getting it sorted out. We put up with these things for a long time putting them down to RA or drug side effects. Sinus surgery is not very nice, but thank goodness you’ve now got rid of the thing. You will feel much better. It’s made me think as I have constant sinus stuff going on and it makes you feel lousy. If it gets any worse I’ll insist on a scan I think. x

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Thanks for replying so positive. This seems like it has been going on forever. It was even causing RA flares. Great idea to request a scan yourself. It can't hurt. My ENT couldn't see it with his scope. Good luck for n resolving yours too.

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