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Sore red swollen eyes


Hi all you lovely people.a week ago .my right eye swelled up realy badly and was bright red inside. I have had a slight problem with that eye of late.but just bleary and light effects both. To cut a long story short the NURSE PRACTICIONER .saw me and took a swab gave. me drops. And sent me to an optition. He said it was a virus.poss conjunctivitis. Told me to come back in a week .

Which i did today.

Today he says .my sight is not as good as last years check and the swelling has gone down .but i still have a virus .keratitis. he gave me a letter for my doctor for a prescription.trying to get in touch with a doctor b4 the weekend was annoying.but i put my little size 3 down .and saw a doctor at 6.o.clock.

She wants me to see another eye doctor on monday.

But when i asked .people with R/D get this . The new meds been on for a month and are doing me good (OLUMIANT) can cause this or is it just an unlucky virus.

It is a new condition to me .anyone heard of it .and how soon does it go.

How probable is it the new meds ??

Gentle hugs to you all .kathy xx

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Hi Kathy, I’ve been on Olumiant (I call it Baricitinib) since December and had to see my optician at the end of February. I was trying to pick up my crochet work, as Baricitinib was making me feel better after a long flare, but every time I tried I was getting double vision when I looked up and my eyes where really sore all the time. I already used drops for dry eye and they helped with the soreness. Bright light also makes them bleary, walking around the supermarket with lots of colours is a nightmare and I have to keep looking down or I feel sick.

My optician told me that 2 of the 6 muscles in my right eye had stopped working and this was causing a delay between my eyes when I looked up from my crochet, resulting in double vision. He also said my sight isn’t as good as my last check which was last October.

He’s put prisms on my new lenses and they’ve taken some getting used to. I rang him last week to ask why I still get double vision every now and again and he said he wasn’t sure. I didn’t connect it to taking Baricitinib until I read your post, now I’m wondering. I really hope it’s not as it’s been brilliant for me too. Please let us know how you get on and good luck, big hugs xx

keeta in reply to bernese1225

Thanx lovely .i also hope its not as its taken so long to feel as i do now .iwill be asking more questions on monday when i phone my rhuemy nurse .don.t think doctors know much about this drug .will let you know what she says.thank you so much for the reply big hugs kathy x

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