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looking for answers

Since 1996 I have had intense pain to the point that I can't sleep, focus, concentrate, walk normally. I was diagnosed with MS and took the shots for over 10 years. It did not change the results. Recently a new Dr has been running lots of tests to try to find the cause of my pain. There is no inflammation showing in the blood tests. MRI shows abnormal for the brain but no lesions. There are how ever white spots. MRI for the rest of the body shows nothing major that could be cause. Currently diagnosis of Myalgia M79.1. Possible Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. Fybromyalgia. I myself, believe that I have RA but diagnosis not confirmed due to lack of inflammation. I am beginning to believe it is all in my head. It seems that Drs do not give pain medication anymore and the over the counter drugs aren't strong enough to give any relief. Any help would be appreciated.

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