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In flammitory arthritis

Hello, my name is Marie, but I wasnt pemitted to use this as my username.

After a long delay in being referred to rheumatology, and then a long investigative process, I finally got a diagnosis last July of an acute inflammatory arthritic event, superimposed onto a widespread degenerative arthritis, Raynaulds, cervical spondylosis, arthritic hands, with cryoglobulinemia and hypermobility of the joints.

I've had many problems with intolerance to meds and find that at this point in time I am no further forward than I was last July.

I remain hopeful that I will get a drug that does not have huge side effects and I can move on. I used to be outdoorsy, hill walking, skiing etc. But am slowly finding new activities that I can do.

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Hello and welcome

That's a lot going on for you. I hope something useful will be found to treat it soon for you. Seems to take an age finding the right drug/drugs.

Best wishes.


Thankyou. I saw the chest physician today who confirmed my lungs have recovered well from my sulfasalazine experience and are in pretty good shape. He is testing me again for Lyme's disease as I've had many tic bites over my years of walking. He was great.

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Hi Marie.

Welcome to this forum. I am sorry to hear what you have been through and yet feeling like no progress. A lot of us here have been there, still going thru trial and error, trying to figure out what med or combination of meds will give us sufficient relief and quality of life.

We are here for you. Reach out whenever you feel like it.

I also used to be very active and athletic. I'm still trying to figure out what I can do these days to fill that void.



Thanks Jesnaskah. It is good to have the support of a forum such as this.


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