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Hi Guys,

Tomorrow is my 3rd week off MTX and I have to say I feel great! My husband and friends have all made reference to me looking good and having a glow back.

I start the new drug Sulfa on Monday.

Yesterday I received a letter from my GP telling me to come in on Monday to discuss my recent bloods and I also received another letter from my nurse to see her too as a matter of urgency. I called them, but was told it can't be discussed over the phone.

I'm trying to be optimistic as my bloods have always been good, but I would be lying to say I'm not a tad concerned.

I've honestly never felt as good in such a long time so surely it can't be that bad.

A little bit of prayer from my Rhuemy buddies please xx

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Angie 2212 will for sure keep you in prayer. Praying God show the doctors what you need or don't need and give you peace until Monday. With out the Lord I would not make day to day.

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You're in my prayers Angie2212, today also marks my second week off MTX after been on 15mg for five years and I also feel good so far, I will resume on a slightly lower dose next sunday after my blood test to confirm a build up of my wbc, stay strong and optimistic all will be well.

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It's my guess, & that's all it is, that you've had a spike in your inflammation levels. This can happen even if you feel fine & you have been off MTX without any other support for 3 weeks. It's my experience that's enough time for inflammation to start up. Are your GP & nurse both aware you're due to start sulfasalazine so soon? Just wondering if your GP hasn't yet received the report from your Rheumy informing him that MTX is being (has now been) withdrawn & it's being replaced by SSZ. That could be their concern, if it is relating to inflammation, they're not yet aware you're not being supported by anything. It could also be that neither are aware the other has called you in. Try not to worry, it's a positive that it shows someone is reading your blood results.


Prayers for definate for you. I agree with nmh, I often do.


Don't worry Angie at the beginning of taking any Dmard there are often ups & downs before things settle down.

Get used to accepting nothing to do with RA is straight forward & you'll save yourself a lot of angst!

At least you know you are on your doctor.'s radar & being taken care of.


Will do Angie - Best of luck and prayers your way


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