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New Medicine

Hi everyone,

Hope all of you are feeling better as the days and weeks go by.

I have been extremely sore and in pain the last few weeks more than anything, I am thinking it’s the cold weather. I could barely lift my arms and my hands are really weak and sore. The doctor gave me a steroid shot in the shoulder so I could move, today it’s a little better.

The Doctor took me off of Methotrexate because I was not feeling well and my liver counts were high. We waited a month til it came down and now she wants me to try Leflunmide. Can anyone share with me, if they are on this? I am taking this for my RA and I have been on Cymbalta for my Fibromyalgia which I think takes the edge off.

Prayers to all of you during this Holiday Season!


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I think definitely the cold damp weather has an increased affect on our bodies and makes our pains treble. . I really hate this time of year and roll on the Springtime please.. I hope your new Meds work for you.


If you put leflunomide into the search box you should find lots of comments by people taking it.


I took it for a year though it was stopped last month but many are on on leflunomide successfully. I took it with methotrexate but unfortunately it didn't do anything for my RD but did give me a rare side effect. If you check the Search NRAS box top right corner you'll find lots of posts on it.

This cold & damp weather does nothing for me either, I think we're all affected to some degree. I also had another steroid injection in my shoulder at my last Rheumy appointment & it's worked a treat so I hope the same for you.

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Dear Olmettig These medications did nothing for me except gave me Nodules on my lungs, gave me lung disease, I was put on Leflunmide and 7 months later I had 3 different skin cancers in 2015. in Aug 2016 I was put on Rituxan. On Feb 22, 2017 I was diagnosed with Metastasis Melanoma to my left lung. I would say if cancer runs in your family DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THESE. In Aug 2017 I was put on Opdivo. It has attacked my RA so bad that I am having to use braces to strength my wrist to hold a cup of coffee. I can't lift my arms to get dressed. I can tell you this I am NED. We are going to try the rituxan again and stay on the Opdivo at the same time. Hoping we can keep the cancer away and get the RA in control. I know what crippling pain is like and I know what being sick is like on these meds it feels like a no win situation, but don't give up and do your home work. Good luck Danna

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