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Need advice for applying to university with RA


Hello all!!

Hope you’re all well.

I am currently applying for uni in the UK as an international student and decided to be honest and tell them I have RA and that it can be quite severe, however symptoms are in remission, which is why this is the perfect time to apply.

I feel like they are not as enthusiastic as they were, I feel like I’m a hassle to them now, I made it clear that I don’t want disability benefits or anything, and that I’m just telling them to keep them in the picture.

And right now I’m absolutely regretting it. I’m extremely nervous. Can they not accept because of it. I know that they would never flat out say that it’s because of RA to avoid trouble, however, it is looking like that at the moment.

I don’t know what to do...

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Hi there!

I would contact the Citizens Advice Bureau and ask them where you stand legally since you're an international student.

If they have already accepted you then they might not be able to change their mind due to discrimination laws. I don't know for sure though as your international so I would definitely check your rights with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

I think it is actually better if the university knows that you are unwell once accepted. This means if you are sick then they know your circumstances and can help provide notes etc. I told my university.

Good luck! Let me know what they say!

It might depend on where your from as the UK will presumably not be in Europe after 2019 and guidlines might at the moment be unclear as whilst you won't be claiming you might be entitled to treatment or medications on the NHS at some future point. Everything seems so jummbled up now it may be simply no one knows whaat is going to happen as your course won't be for just a year, will it? What your studying and which uni has accepted you might be also be relevavant.

I don't know but the CAB might not be much help as this is a complex situation and I think your best point of call is the Student Union Offices as you won't be starting till September 2018 will you? (the next student year now)and things might change.

I am studying Archaeology at Exeter Uni.... I was honest from the beginning and they never really said anything to me about it although it is a physical course... is yours? It may help to have a more in depth conversation with them. They may have concerns that can easily be cleared up. Try not to worry too much. Good luck :)

As an ex university employee i can honestly say nobody cares at the time of application what disabilities you have. If you get offered a place you would then need to complete a medical report. Providing reasonable adjustments can be made for you to study there will not be a problem. Your own actual healthcare may be costly depending on your insurance company.

Does your country have a reciprocal arrangement for ongoing health care in the uk. If not you will need to look into the cost of health insurance; due to the NHS financial crisis more folk from abroad will be charged for health care than previously. This has been a recent political hot potato.

The university should not discriminate against you because of any disability.


Hang in there. Universities are usually excellent at supporting students with disabilities- much better than schools in many ways. Get in touch with the SEN ( Special Educational Needs) team and ask them what support there is. They are there to help you, so don't think you are bothering them. It shouldn't matter whether you are an international student or not- you're paying!

Be confident. University is a fabulous experience and I'm sure you have worked v hard to get there x

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