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IGA nephropathy


Hi just joined this group

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Hi this group is primarily for rheumatoid arthritis. Is your kidney disease related. However happy to have you here x

Hiya. As Allanah says we're a forum for autoimmune diseases related to Rheumatoid Diseases. I'm not sure unless your IgA Nephropathy is related to one of these we'll be able to help. I wonder if NKD's HU site could help or at least point you in the right direction of one that could if not, this link takes you to their site healthunlocked.com/nkfearly...

Hope you find the help or info you need.


You could ask on the Lupus UK HealthUnlocked community as many there have kidney involvement. I’m glad you posted as I hadn’t heard of this before but I do have high IgA levels, trace blood in my pee, and a very large kidney cyst plus hypertension- all relating to my Sjögren’s Disease. I’m on an immune suppressant drug called Mycophenolate which is used mainly for renal diseases and can sometimes be used to treat IGA nephropathy. Also I take Losartan for my hypertension.