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How long does a cadaver tendon last?

I've had 2 ankle surgeries - 1 to repair a tendon and the 2nd one a year later to remove it and replace it with a cadaver tendon. Everything's been fine for 3 years since I had the last surgery until yesterday. I started working a part time job 2 months ago at a fast food restaurant (in addition to my regular full time job) where I'm on my feet 5-6 hours straight, which I'm not used to. Yesterday I started experiencing slight pain in my ankle and found it was swollen. Still swollen today but not as much. I'm sure these cadaver tendons are meant to last several years so I'm wondering if I've irritated it enough to cause damage to the cadaver tendon.

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Can't help you but just want to say hope pain eases soon, take care.

Adeline x


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