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Hi all well life goes on! several weeks ago I said that biological were possible on the horizons for moi!! Alas they have been deemed unsuitable as the problem of my hands isn't being caused by the RA , but rather my Celtic blood!! so I have been blessed with the hereditary hemochromatosis. keeping it short other than the name I collect iron!! ive know about this for several years what I wasn't aware of that it can attack the joints in the hand which in my case it appears to be doing, which on a plus side its leaving my liver,heart etc alone, how droll .

I still have RA which is also having a pop, the latest from rheumatolgy is a referral to surgical who in turn have now decided to fuse the mid section of both feet due to on going inflammatory arthritis and the damaged it has caused to the tarsal bones etc; this will mean 2-3 months no weight bearing and 3-4 months of pysio on each foot!! So thats it for now folks.

Love to all Craig

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Wishing you the very best going forward Craig.



So sorry Graig, hands and feet that's rough. Hope you can get some relief.

Regards Mike

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So sorry to hear your new Craig. I have a friend with this condition - she has to have lots of blood drawn on a regular basis to keep her in check. Hope they manage to get you sorted out soon. Kay

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God that sounds painful..... and tedious,being so sedate for a long time will surely drive you crazy?! Best get stocking up on the books and boxsets for when you're recovering.

Hope all goes well with your ops,and look forward to hearing how you get on.

All the best

Nicki x

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