Smoky hot summer is making me misrable....when oh when will it rain?

This summer is one that I wish I could forget. I've been house bound for 3 weeks since I sprained my ankle. I now can put some weight on it so I want to go for a walk. I'm used to ignoring the pain from my deformed feet, so I'll ignor the discomfort of my ankle. I want to enjoy my summer.

My city's air quality sucks!! There now is a warning out in my city about the smoke in the air. The interior of BC is burning with over 138 wildfires and the smoke is now reaching the coast. I wake up with the smell of smoke in the air and my eyes are now itchy. The sun is shining through a smoky haze. I feel like I'm trapped in a smoke filled greenhouse..... When oh when will it rain? It hasn't rained since May....sorry for the rant and thanks for listening.

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  • Sorry you're having a bad time. I've come over the the UK to see my father, and it hasn't stopped raining for over a week! Hope you get some relief soon. xo

  • We have had so much rain so far this year and this week we are having thunderstorms every afternoon. At least they don't start until late. I want heat and sunshine as that makes my joints feel better. I am hoping to start my new infusions then injections a week on Sunday. The nurse has to call me to confirm.

    Take care Sue xx

  • I normally love the heat of summer, but these wildfires are making it hard to walk around & enjoy the "fresh air" arghh.

    I hope your injections & infusions work well for you :)

  • Thanks Sue, I am sure it must be making you feel miserable. The responses I received off here was very positive so I'm hoping to have a positive result too.

    Take care. If I could I would send you some rain. xx

  • Oh please do. My daughter's professor was rushed to the ER because of the smoke today. He had a major asthma attack. Thank God he is OK.

  • Hi, I am glad that he is okay. My mum suffered with asthma and had to spend 3 weeks in bed every year. I always looked after her as I was the youngest and still in school. My brother and sister worked and my teacher's sent my school work home with a friend. I hope they get on top of the fires soon and you are best to stay inside even though you want to go out.

    Take care, Sue xx

  • Sorry Sue, hope you will feel better very soon and you can get out and about again. You have been going through such a bad time.

    Let me know how you are getting on and don't worry about having a rant we all need to from time to time.

    Sue xx

  • I'm on my way :) We need rain

  • That sounds like hell !

    Get in that boat you spoke about before and hop over here- we have pretty good air and more than enough rain to share!

    Hoping you feel a bit more comfortable soon sue.


  • Longterm forecast says "no rain insight".....

    Yes, I'll grab my boat and pick you up. Wanna go water skiing? lol

  • I so do!

  • Oh bless you Sue. That must be so miserable for you. If I could export some good Yorkshire rain to you I would. We have more than enough to spare. Hugs


  • Oh you are a sweet heart Jan.

  • Woke up to another day of smoke. The sun is a bright red....

  • Good grief! You're all going to be kippered! I do hope it rains for you soon


  • Only a tiny bit better here! 35 degrees and despite bans all my neighbours have bonfires and barbecues so I empathise, it turns you into a grumpy monster. I don't like heat anyway, but bring on the winter snow.....

  • haha... You got me :) ... I spent the past winter complaining about the absurd snowstorms.

    So many people throughout the interior of BC are now homeless due to the fires.... and they are the lucky ones, as the death tolls will be rising. Hospitals all over BC are full of people suffering with breathing issues.... and I'm complaining & being misrable... time for a reality check. My family & I are alive, no fires here.... Note to self..."Suck it up Sue" :)

  • Or don't suck it up as it will make you cough.....but try ancient English approach of putting damp knotted hankie on your head instead.

  • I think I'll put the damp knotted hankie over my nose & mouth... lol now that's a good look :)

  • Hello Sue, I really feel for you. It's even worse out there than here in Provence where temperatures seem to be stuck on 39-40 C. Just hiding in the house all day long. We have fires too but fortunately not close to us. Take care.xx Simba

  • This morning I was moaning about the Yorkshire 'summer'- wind n rain. But don't want fires either. Anyone got a happy medium? Sunny, but not on fire? So sorry for all suffering with the fires. Looks nightmarish x

  • Oh LizzieR, your reply made me smile. Does anyone live in an area of Sunshine with tempatures around 25 C, and not prone to wildfires?

  • Maybe they don't want to tell us in case of mass movement of arthritic people;-) x

  • hahaha :)

  • Hi Sue! I have sunshine but it is hot, hot, hot! No smoke either, unless you count my a$$hat neighbor who smokes in the alleyway so it comes into my bath. You're welcome to visit! I live on the West Coast U.S.A., but not the "fun" parts of San Francisco or Los Angeles.

    We have had "black sky" summers in the past from wildfires-so bad that I had to make the rounds to pick up my asthmatic kids from 3 different schools. Looks like we might skip it this year though-knock on wood!

    Wishing you rain!


  • Hi Dani, be careful what you wish for because I'm only 5-10 miles across the boarder to your I 5 ( Interstate 5 ) lol :)

    "Black sky " summers are awful arent they? I don't recall ever living through one before. British Columbia is so vast, the size of Washington State, Idaho, Oregon & California put together. Can you imagine living in San Diego and getting the wildfire smoke from Seattle?..Crazy.

    I hope you do skip the wildfire season, knock on wood!!!


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