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Just wondering how others asked to change there meds

Hi there, I've been on hydro chloroquine for 2 yrs and mtx injection for a yr now and up till recently was quite happy with the pain and swelling in my hands and feet as it was about normal for me but over the last 2 months I think something has stopped working as my hands and feet are swelling up regular and I'm taking my naproxin most days again for the pain. I'm due to see my consultant on the 17th and wondered if I could ask to stop the hydro and go on the sulpha instead as that seems to have good reviews. I just wondered how others asked to change their meds and what was the reaction from the consultant as I don't want him to think I know best I just want to feel better again.

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After 2 years you're entitled to say 'I think it might be time for a med change because ....' That's my view. Your rheumy needs to know how you're doing and doubts about the efficacy of the drugs are absolutely part of that. Clearly you're someone who is prepared to trust your rheumy's judgement and give the drugs a go, it's not unusual for a DMARD to lose effectiveness and all in all it is just entirely reasonable to discuss your entirely reasonable thoughts on the matter!


I think you say it like you have here.....that the last 2 months you've started to feel that the meds aren't as effective and you'd like to discuss reviewing them. Generally it's best to ask for the rheumy's opinion, rather than saying you want to try X or Y. But it should be a discussion between you so you can voice your preferences too. Remember that drugs reactions are very individual so what work should for one person may not be great for you. So be open minded about what doctor might propose as there are several options.


I find suggesting a particular drug does not go down well with rheumies.......I find flattery by asking for his/her opinion on what they think would help as what you are taking seems to have stopped working. Sneaky, but it seems to work!

Good Luck on 17th.


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