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Get rid of RA!!

I was diagnosed with RA 10 years ago, Have been using Enbrel with good results, however I don't want to be drug dependent so have been taking measures with diet to stop the disease. I can tell you that eliminating sugar, nightshade vegetables, gluten and any processed food makes a big difference. Also taking Turmeric helps with pain. Make sure you drink lots of water. Hope this helps someone else!

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I've had much the same experience although for me it's dairy and meat rather than nightshade veg that I avoid.


My wife was recently diagnosed with RA. Symptoms started about 6 months ago.

She hasn't started any medication yet but for the last 2 months we've been on a strict diet with no cheating. We can now influence the behaviour of RA on a day to day basis depending on what we eat. We've already learned a lot in a short space of time about how her body reacts to food.

She also takes Bio available Turmeric / Curcumin. It has a substantial impact on reducing her pain. We do take higher than the recommended dose, but I feel like this is a risk we're willing to take because the side effects are far less harmful than taking even the lowest doses of Naproxen or Arcoxia etc.

If you do a Google search you can find medical studies that show Bio Available Curcumin to be a more effective anti inflammatory than Naproxen with none of the nasty side effects. You can also find a medical study that shows it can also increase the effectiveness of Methotrexate and it does not interfere with Biologic drugs.

When newly diagnosed people start to do research RA online they run into tons of horrible articles on reduced life expectancy, lifelong pain, harmful medications and no cure.

We need to drown out this negativity with information on how people are reversing their disease with lifestyle changes. It can be done and it is being done. People are going into remission every day. You could be next.

People aren't getting this advice from their Doctors, so we need to flood the internet with good information from real life experience of it working.

I am so glad that you are making major strides towards coming off your medication. It must take an incredible amount of bravery.

Thank you for sharing your story. Everytime I read a comment like this it fills me with hope.


It would be really good to hear your wife's views on how better she feels, what she feels about not only influencing the behaviour of RA but if her choices are helping to slow the progression of RA. Also if she finds these risks worth taking ?


You do understand Dmards aren't just prescribed for the pain of RA now, but to prevent irreversible joint damage in years to come don't you ?

I think we probably all have our own views on what particular remedy we choose to adopt to supplement "drugs" & that probably doesn't do any harm.....but do speak to the rheumatology nurses & make sure that short term pain relief experienced now, won't result in damaged joints & worse pain in the future.

As I understand supplements don't prevent joint damage.....but Dmards do.


I lost the use of finger joints before I was even diagnosed which has greatly restricted my viola playing. I will not risk any more loss of joints or other damage for any reason. I am in remission with use of biologic and mtx injections and diclofenac. I am now slowly reducing meds with the help of my specialist. This to me makes more sense than trying all sorts trendy ideas. I have lost a lot of weight with a healthy broad diet and trying to increase fitness using Pilates with the help of a Physio . I think there are many variations in the severity of RA and how painful and damaging it is so one size does not fit all but to me the priority is to get the disease under control first and then to try other ideas.


That is the route I have chosen Gillian.. Luckily I didn't need to lose weight....but carelessly managed to shed 12kgs on Leflunomide!

There are hundreds of different types of RA, & as you say every person needs a different drug regime.

18 years & many Dmards later I'm now on RTX, which so far has helped tremendously....& apart from a few wonky bits & carpal tunnel surgery my joints are all intact. I doubt that would be the case if I had delayed treatment by trying all sorts of diets & supplements.


I am grateful that your wife's onset has not been as disabling and acute as some ( myself included) but I do commend you for taking control of your general health and well being and also by the sounds of it you are a very supportive husband but you must use your beliefs regards diet in a complimentary fashion alongside advice from qualified medical practitioners and don't take Doctor Google , Guru Mung bean and the exercise cures all brigade as gospel.

This is a very informative forum with frequent postings from people who live this disease every minute of every day and have been there and bought the tshirt!

RA is insidious, progressive and currently incurable.

Please do not think we take these medications blindly, much research over many years has gone into finding combination drug therapy the benefits of which far outweigh the disadvantages.

I bless the day I fitted the criteria for Biologics.

My best wishes go out to your wife , it is a difficult diagnosis to receive and you are only two months in, it's early days.



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