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Newly diagnosed

Hi guy's, I don't post too much on here as I'm very new to it all, I do however read all your posts and appreciate being able too so thank you, Im on sulfasalazine and coming up to my 3month review but that's not untill end of this month, I wanted to ask if anyone suffers from pain in ur spine as this is new pain for me, it's the top half of my spine that is really bad no position I'm in relieves it, I asked my rhumey nurse and she's got me an appointment for physio on the 22nd, but didn't offer any advice as to whether this is normal for RA, I was diagnosed as seronegative RA, thanks in advance xx

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Hi, I've had RA since 99/2000 and have had problems with my back, neck, hips. After X-Rays I've been told this arthritis (not RA), i.e. general wear and tear for me (I used to be very sporty). Physio has always helped me although it can take a few sessions to make any great improvement, along with strong pain killers. Wish you luck with the physio. xo


Thank you for taking the time to reply to me and thanks for the good luck 🍀 xx

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You'll find you often get aches &'pains in funny places. I reckon it's because we tend to hold ourselves in unnatural positions to alleviate the RA pains.if I catch myself doing that I conciously try to relax whichever muscle I'm tensing,

Doesn't always work......but concentrating on not tensing does help.

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