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Newly diagnosed and work issues

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So I am really struggling to maintain my work level. Ive not had a day off despite being so ill. My current line manager has been very supportive but he leaves on Friday. Our new manager is one of our team. He is a bully and tries to micro manage. He is also the henchman of our AD who dislikes me as apparently I don't flutter my eyelids enough at him. Today he ripped up in front of me the special arrangements that were made so I could work from home on some days (We are actually meant to do this anyway) and not arranging meetings before 10:00am. I am currently covering three people's posts due to maternity. I've been told I will now cover all of this permanently with more work on top and as the post was originally full time but I work 4 days a week. No concession will be made and I will be expected to cover 40 hours worth of work not 30. If I dont think I'm up to it I can always resign apparently. Not bad for local authority children's services is it! I have sent them the NRAS booklet on information for employers. I'm waiting to see if they rip that up in front of my face too!

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Pretty much the same happened to me so I resigned in August as I couldn't take the bullying from the welfare officer anymore. I hadn't had many days sick and I had asked for help which was totally ignored. My union advised me to take them to an employment tribunal but I really didn't have the energy to fight anymore.

My advice stick it out if you can . I wish I had the strength to fight on but it just got too much to handle.

Good luck and stay strong.

You need to look at the Equality Act 2010

NRas have a information booklet I want to work which you can download. There is also one for the employer too

Need to get union involved too as this is discriminatory and bullying

Yes get the union involved and if you have an occupational therapist phone them and let them know what is happening and put in a grievance , they can't treat you like that and take them all the way if they dismiss you

Get the union on board and only attend meetings with a rep present is my advice. Also log everything in a private diary with date who did what when where and what witnesses were present. Do in matter of fact language with no emtional stuff added - pure cold facts!!

Good luck


Unison is our union. Everyone has left it as our reps go drinking with the management and side with them on every issue.

Referred to OT...she says my boss has final say and if they can't afford any changes then I will need to think about resigning

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Please get ahold of your government office. It is their job to make sure your laws are respected.

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Unison is the Union here too, but I left them some time ago because of their very close and cosy relationship with HR and management, and joined GMB. You could consider changing unions......... GMB is "recognised" by local authorities...

I absolutely hate bully's!! As stated, the equality's act 2010 and whatever you do join a union. People say it's a waste of money but if you join a good one and get real representation then they are worth there wait in gold!! Good luck and please stay strong and don't give up!!💪💪

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Totally disgusted!!!...Voices are raging inside of me to scream at your new boss....Words like, "...Your boss needs to slap his father for raising a fool....!!!"

I really think you need to phone a disability advocate that will guide you. What your boss is doing is illegal. You deserve to be respected.

Bullies tend to back down when confronted. First try politely to stand up to him. Check your contract and any amendments given to you in writing and give him a photocopy with relevant points underlined in red! If they are asking you to continue the maternity cover work, I doubt this is part of your contract. Also does that mean he is refusing to let those women come back to work or are they be moved elsewhere in the company? If you have a meeting with him you are permitted to take one person with you as witness as long as you inform him in advance, but please make sure it's someone who isn't confrontational. You should also be able to record the conversation even if you have to do it on 2 devices and give him a copy. I hate bullies but the best thing you can do is not resort to the same behaviour. Good luck.

Disgraceful. I had the same happen to me. My manager retired and we had a replacement who would pick and choose who did what and micromanage all the time. She had little favourites in the office who snooped and told tales, it was worse than being in school. She bullied anyone she could find a vulnerability in, so that was me right away. It went from being a happy place to work, to a complete nightmare. My RA kept flaring up and I'm sure it was stress.

One day I questioned something and she went completely ape in the office. Towering over me, shouting and pointing in my face and blocking my exit from the room. I reported her to HR and her manager interviewed all of us. Turns out four other people reported her too. Guess what, nothing was done. This an NHS trust with a so called anti bullying policy. I transferred to another department in the end.

Good luck, please don't let this person grind you down. Go to your GP if necessary and tell them what you're going through, they can help.

Ally x

Hi, I have exactly the same problem too, and also work for a Local Authority! I have not advised my Line Manager yet, but have had a lot of problems with him bullying me. He has been with the Authority for 41 years so my putting in a grievance would be a total waste of time. I have had no time off sick since being in the job for 13 years, and take any medical appointments, dentist, etc out of flex time. I know that going forward I will have more medical appointments, hospital, blood tests etc and he treats me differently from everyone else in many respects. Once I have seen the consultant at the hospital I will give my line manager the brochure you mentioned, but I think that will just put me to the top of the list for being got rid of next year. Have you thought of going to HR or even Occupational Health for support? Take care...

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You should get disability leave for all medical appointments that are for your disability. I am an Officer with HMP and our lot don't have a clue but if you are part of the civil service there is something call The civil service disability network, they are clued up and can be very helpful even sending a representative to come with you for meetings. Hope you get this all resolved.

Hi Gretchy, can i suggest you get in touch with our helpline on 08002987650 or by email at who will be able to offer you some support and information.

Hope this helps.


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