Getting a prescription for MTX in New Zealand as a traveller

Getting a prescription for MTX in New Zealand as a traveller

Hello, I'm hoping desperately that someone can help me! My dream is to travel around NZ for the next 23 months, I got my visa and my last hurdle is getting my medication whilst I'm there. Can anyone advise me on how to do it? Can I register at a GP, whats the cost? Do I need special insurance? Any info would be helpful because if I miss a few doses my arthritis will deteriorate. I don't want my arthritis to stop me living my life, please help if you can!!

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  • You should be able to do it. It will take organisation as you'll need to get letters and medical notes from your GP and rheumy so that you can demonstrate what you need. And talk to them about getting a three month supply of your drugs before you leave, which is I think the maximum you can get.

    Then research rheumatologists/GPs in the places where you'll be and try to book appointments for when you need. When I moved to France the GP was happy to prescribe my drugs while I waited (7 months!) for a rheumy appointment as I had a full set of paperwork to show her.

    Might depend on your drugs as don't know what the NZ approach to biologics is, but there is a reciprocal agreement between U.K. & NZ so it's all possible. And also how much you plan to move around. You might find you need to adjust travel plans to be accommodate getting repeat prescriptions.

  • Hopefully you will not encounter probs... We hope you enjoy your travels in our beautiful country..

  • Hi I think that NZ has a reciprocal agreement for healthcare with UK not sure if this covers routine care or just emergency treatment. Maybe the nz embassy can help....though when I had dealings with them in UK the phone line was a premium rate and it was cheaper to phone them in NZ!! I was calling about my son who went ot uni there. What I did find is that in general NZ people are extremely worth emailing/calling their equivalent of dept of health. I did see a doctor there and got a steroid shot. From memory I think that I paid a small amount for the gp appointment.

  • Yes a note from your doctor, doctors prescribe it in NZ. Not expensive, either pen or tablet.

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