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RA suIfferer

Hi all I recently posted that I was approacing my specialist today about ldn I didnt have any success they didnt seem interested as they said there is a lot of effective medicines today I am so disapointed and dont know where to go from here as I would like to give ldn a try it is really heartbreaking when you cant talk to the medical system I just sometimes feel like crying but I have to stay positive I am not going to let this beat me

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LDN is an off-licence treatment for RA so not surprising that your doctor is not particularly supportive. LIke many other alternative treatments if you are interested in it then you have to sort it out yourself.

I think Simba has already given you the link to the which gives lists of the doctors and chemists in Australia that will prescribe and provide it. So if you want to try it, then that seems the route you'll have to go down.

Or of course you could try a conventional drug. Remember you can always stop drugs if you feel they are not for you, but from everything you've said it seems that you are keen to control the disease so why not give them a try?


Conventional treatments don't have the same on-line enthusiasm that non-adopted treatments have. Most people who post about conventional treatments are complaining about the problems that they are having. Bear that it mind when you are deciding which route to choose for yourself. It I very difficult for a health professional to encourage you to go down a path where the evidence for benefit is just not there yet.


There are still so many unknowns about RA, that whatever course you are taking there are always risks involved. Yes the meds have been effective on many RA symptoms but it is still a worry among doctors that not enough research on longterm effects have been done. And the discussion that nearly is nonexistant is what happens when the meds no longer help. What is the health situation in these patients? Why is it impossible to find statistics on this? It is nearly impossible to predict how different individuals with RA react to meds. Like a doctor somewhere expressed it that RA is not a disease but more a syndrome that presents itself in different ways in different individuals. But one hopeful and riskfree way to support your health when you have RA is to make sure that diet and lifestyle are the cornerstones in your treatment protocol. LDN is a nontoxic way to support the normalizing of the overactive immunesystem that has abundent anecdotal proof of its efficacy and has been used by doctors for decades with impressive results. True that it does not help everyone ( 10-15%) and helps differently but compared with the efficacy of mtx that is not helping or not tolerated by 40%, it's quite promising and there is no reason not to try it since you can only have benefits without adverse effects and can be used together with hard meds.

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couldn't agree more Simba - i'm working on that angle, as you know, with occasional ooops on the way. Was smug at the weekend to find i cd wear a ring after 3.5 yrs so swelling has 2be down a bit, change of diet seems ok so far but 'had to' try g'daughters 1st homemadepizza and am suffering for it. a big ooops, that, but am back on track and hoping to desludge sooon. also cut ssz by 50% - so far so good.


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