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Suspected RA?

Hi all! What a wonderfully helpful site this is I'm so pleased I've discovered it.

Wondering if you knowledgeable peeps could express an opinion on my symptoms, I'm 38 and have had joint pains for many years but the previously came separately and I could pass off as an injury, wrist pain that means I cannot weight bear which lasts around 4-5 days, pain in the ball of my foot which stems from the top of the big toe upwards, almost like it is broken or badly strained, elbow... severe pain when leaning or touching it on anything. Knees have always been dodgy but this could be sports related. Limping after sitting too long which comes from knees and ankles.

More recently I'm getting too many together that have made me feel like I must look this up and get some bloods done. I'm so tired at the moment and crouching or bending down is such an effort to get back up. Pain in my thumb and hip only over the past couple of days, very hot at night and my back constantly aches at the bottom. Even a bout of pain on the bobbles at the base of the skull and the hard bone behind the ear recently. Sleep is now very broken and I can't sleep as well as before. Headaches at least 3 times a week where as before I wouldn't have one without that extra glass of wine ;). Over the past 18 months this seems to be getting worse on a weekly basis, I lost my Mum 2 years ago and left my marriage 6 months later so it has been a stressful time. I've had no redness or swelling that's noticeable, although recently 3 days on the trott I had a rash all over my legs and my ankles and feet were swollen... may or may not be associated.

Bloods were taken Friday and they were testing for the RF and CCP I think along with full blood counts, liver and kidney functions, diabetes and a few others so I assume they're taking it seriously and this is a good thing.

Sorry to bother you guys before getting anything diagnosed but I'm so intrigued and part of me would be happy for them to find anything than me think I'm crazy or passing every ache and pain as something it's not.

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It certainly sounds like something. Blood test results will probably confirm and allow your doctor to start treatment. Don't worry, that won't help. Stay calm and positive so you can face whatever comes next. Best wishes.


Your labs will show if you have RA, make sure to follow up with results


Thanks guys I certainly will follow up and let you know! :)


Bless you. You are having no fun are you? We're not medically trained here and couldn't possibly diagnose but from what you've said there certainly seems to be "something". I hope your bloods come back very soon and you can get some answers. Please, try not to panic -easier said than done I know. In the meantime be kind to yourself. Huge hugs



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