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Is it just me or does anyone else out there afraid of the needles.

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Lots of people but with practice it gets easier. Best wishes and try with a sympathetic nurse to start with.


I was terrified of needles. Long story but very bad year long experience as a child left me with a real phobia. Even blood tests were a nightmare, let alone the idea of self injecting.

Anyway, that was then. My family are completely amazed but I'm fine with needles now. As old timer says a sympathetic nurse really helps, but you do get used to it.


Being needle phobic!!! I was taught from January this year with help from rheumatology nurse over many several weeks to give myself weekly injections. Started off by taking 2 hrs & 50 mins with help from rhumy nurse helping me weekly in her clinic Still hate the injections but have got it down to around 15mins!!! Now I am able to do at home without going hospital every week.

You will in time learn and cope with the needles.

I wish you well.


Sorry to hear you are needle phobic - hopefully you will gradually overcome this. I'm afraid I am a bit odd as I quite enjoy injecting myself and having blood taken 😀