Also...terrible chills

One of the symptoms OH is finding most difficult to deal with is sudden onset chills. Pretty much every evening, and this week sometimes randomly during the day, he suddenly gets freezing cold, covered in goose pimples and can't warm up. Doesn't matter how warm it is in the room or how many clothes he's wearing.

We told the rheumy nurse at his appointment yesterday (added hydroxychloroquine to 25mg subcutaneous methotrexate) but she didn't make anything of it.

Does anyone else get this? He's getting so many weird symptoms he's seriously starting to think he's been misdiagnosed.

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  • I get the chills for no reason at all. It is unfortunately part of RA as far as I can tell. I went through a phase of going back to bed and putting the electric blanket on. I also have a heat pad and a foot warmer.


  • I was suffering this last week then 2 minutes later I was sweating buckets, turns out I had gallbladder infection which has cleared up now and I'm waiting to get Gallbladder out

  • Hope you're feeling better after your stay in hospital? So now you're waiting for surgery??!! Never-ending nightmare for you..Hope you feel good in yourself? :-) Frankie 63

  • I get like this quite often.I have to put a blanket round my legs and get a couple of hot water bottles.I put one behind me against my back and the other on my lap to warm my hands.

    I can be like this for days on end and then it just seems to clear up.

    Having said that the last time I had shivers and coldness I turned out to have an infection in my legs and needed a course of antibiotics to clear it up.

    If you are concerned in any way its best to get it checked out by a doc even if it's to rule out anything more sinister.

    Take care.



  • Yes used to get this a lot in the early days, hasn't happened for years though. Absolutely uncontrollable shakes, bed with about a thousand blankets, wake up soaked through with sweat and burning up.

    I wish I could remember what the doctor called it, something like diurnal pyrexia.

    There are so many symptoms with RA that people don't know about.


  • As a result of my reaserch I have found that evidently RA sufferers very often have undiagnosed hypothyroidism and new recommendations encourage doctors to do a comleate thyroid panel to newly diagnosed patient. The thyroid gland being the most important in temp regulation there might be a connection in your case? I was always cold and freezing before correcting my thyroid. situation, that I was not aware that existed! Might be something to look into.😊

  • When my RA was out of control I permanently felt as if I had flu - alternate hot and cold etc etc. However, if you have a thermometer at home take his temperature now and then just to check he's not got some infection and is running a fever. Or he can take his own temperature of course!

  • Perhaps a difference in the chill when body working up a fever and the chill that just feels like you were surrounded by ice?

  • This sounds horribly familiar and your OH has my sympathy. I have been freezing cold recently and even an electric blanket, thick quilt and a small dog didn't warm me. All change now though, steaming hot flushes every now and again. Reckon my thermostat's on the blink and just wish it would just go away. It all seems to be part of the merry jig that is RA. Hugs


  • Yes I get it quite a bit. Since diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis, my temperature is often quite low.

  • I have OA, I get the same symptons everyday. Right now i've got it, it could go on for several hours. I just grab a hot water bottle, wrap up warm.

    I haven't really thought if it could be anything else, just thought it was all part of OA 😕

  • Not sure if this was already hands under warm water, and for body- hot shower. It's only temporary but it is a great relief! Hope this helps.xoxo


  • Me too, seems to happen in the evening, or that's when I notice it, probably when just relaxing and not moving around. I get really cold. Just accepted it as part of RD. X

  • Maybe get a more broad stream blood test?

  • Me too. I have PSA and often walk round with a soiid hot water bottle (safer than normal kind). I get flu- like symptoms and hot sweats at night! Hope OH feels better soon.

    Lizzie x

  • Thanks all. It actually helps just to know it's not just him, because none of the healthcare professionals seem to have heard of this.

  • Low body temperature is a typical symptom of hypothyroidism. Low thyroid function, also very common in people with RA.

  • Here something to read about the connection.

  • I had it too. Freezing cold under lots of blankets at night.

  • I feel the cold all the time and also the opposite -sweating buckets. Have just put it down to meds and RA.

  • Don't think it's thyroid related as he had a blood test for that which came back clear

  • Was it the whole thyroid panel or just the superficial blood test?Very often does not tell the real situation.

  • Found this site, with all this info it's great thank you. I too have these so called chills, which the RA Nurse and Doctor both said this was a way my body was telling me I was ill. However after reading all the above replies, I will be going back to them for a thyroid test. I get so cold that I can not feel my hands or feet, like living in a freezer, my family are in shorts and t-shirts, me blankets and heat bags ect. then the hot flush starts, to the point my husband has to dry my back, I have to change the clothes as I am wet from top to toe, t-shirts, jumpers, pants, trousers ect , so I have gone from, living in a freezer to being spit roasted over hot coals....all my clothes are black, no light colours, all of a cotton mix. I was in light blue trousers when i had a flush it looked like i had wet myself "NOT NICE", so thank you for all the feed back and hopefully will get sorted. all the best keep safe.

  • It's awful ! I really sympathise . I have had this so many times over the last year and am now taking my temp on a daily basis so I can tell the dr .

  • Jacqueb does your temperature actually fluctuate?

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