Feeling Normal

Hi all happy news, it can happen!!!!

I have had a pretty good week at work - no foggy head or stiffness just aches.

My liver results are satisfactory and on top of that since dropping HYDROX down to 200mg once a day I am also down to 4 mg Preds and 17.5 MTX.

This weekend I have walked the dog for four miles Saturday and Sunday and just ache a little. Just wanted to share this joy whilst it lasts 😃😃 I really never thought I could feel this good again 👍 Wishing everyone good days xxx

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  • Great news, thx for sharing, good to hear good positive news. Long may it continue. X

  • Agree with Gigi; fantastic to hear positive stuff. Well done you! What a great feeling to be able to really enjoy a day. Onwards and upwards!


  • That is lovely to hear Doughnut61 . I hope it lasts for you. Can I ask how long has it taken to get to get to this position? Xx

  • Thanks for posting a positive message - we sometimes forget to tell people when we are feeling better, so it all sounds like gloom and doom!

  • hi Doughnut! Excellent news that. Here's hoping to many many more

  • Hi Doughnut61

    That's fantastic news - so happy that you're getting a taste of 'normality' again. I know it can happen as I've heard so many inspirational stories on here already,I'm just waiting patiently for my turn 😊

    Carry on and enjoy it as much as you can,but also don't overdo it too quickly as we also know how long it takes to recover when the slightest thing doesn't quite go right.... sorry if that sounds like I'm putting a downer on things,but I'd hate to think you'll be suffering more as a result.

    Take care of yourself

    Nicki x

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