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Re Recent Results

I posted yesterday but not my original post. I had to start over when original was too long. I wanted to say I was frustrated by recent test results. It seems to me that doctors, insurance companies and pharmaceuticals are in a conspiracy. Like any business, there goal to to generate revenue. Wellness does not benefit them in any way. Example, a new drug store moved into my doctors building. They have approached patients to start info clinics on Biologics. The pharmacy originally providing these drugs is now threatened. They start a letter campaign to have patients advice doctor to continue with original arrangements. When I did not respond they phoned. Wanting to ensure they could continue to provide service! What service? I did not know they existed. But 12000 per infusion is serious money. That is one patient. Then the costs of all these tests and specialists is insane. Make no mistake, we are a commodity. So for the first time in my life I am stating loudly, I am my own advocate and my own BEst Doctor. In today's day and age we can access all information needed to be very aware of what is best. I openly discuss this with my doctors. I have provided ample evidence to attest to fact that I do know my body, my conditions and relavent research. I have eight years university. I started my career working with dually diagnosed children. This created an early interest in genetics and illness. I am home now vs working fourteen hours a day. I have been doing significant research. So again I stress, this is my body, not what I recommend to others.

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Perhaps you should start again telling us what frustrated you over your test results? Were they normal despite you feeling bad? That seems to come up in posts a lot.


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