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Hi im 50yrs the past year I have had to give my job up after 21yrs of employment.this also led to lack of communication with people everyday.I feel cheated as I'm outgoing sociable upset all due to RA.& both hands..severe & unique im told as my hand deformity is awful & getting worse..I'm on morphine as pain is 24hrs 7days wk..the deformity & lack of use in my hands is now excepted.its the pain I can't cope full diagnosis is still not known after 6yrs of consultants doctors started with a swollen finger!!!!!.

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  • I know how you feel as in have unusual aggressive deformed hand and no longer can make a fist or cut up my food write or wash my hair ect I have not been able to do the things I love garden and photography but it the lack of control that's the worst I hope you soon find a solution

  • See if you can find out about Health & Wellbeing courses - they are courses, free to the users, about how to manage better with long-term illnesses. You would meet others who are having similar problems and also get some ideas about how best to manage your own problems. Your practice nurse, GP, or pharmacist may know about local courses, or you could look on-line.

  • Thank you for advice..I will look into only just excepted my condition ive not even thought about things that help

  • Hi handydebs, I wonder if you've been referred to a hand clinic? I went to my local hospital and had a 6 week course which really helped me. It's like physio for hands and includes things like a wax exercise bath, finger splints to try and slow damage, supports specially made for you and a course of exercises to try and keep mobility in your hands. My strength is really bad but this helped so much and I wear my finger splints every day and it has stopped further damage. I'm also 50, diagnosed at 33, had to give up work at 46. It took me a long time to accept I had a disease, not sure I do yet but it has been such a life changer I wish I had accepted earlier. Hand wise you have to try and keep at least what you have, I don't know if you do hot water exercises with them? So submerge in warm water and do range of motion exercises? It might help your pain as well? I feel for you and hope you get some relief soon.

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