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Following on from my diagnoses of adrenal insufficiency by a senior nurse in the endocrine clinic, I am beginning to have niggles if doubt. She said there was no need for me to have the SST test because my notes said I became much more breathless and my joints were more painful when my pred dropped from 7.5 to 5mg. Supposing she's wrong, and I start doubling up my steroids when I feel off colour, or worse I have a steroid shot if I have a sickness bug! I know these are all middle of the night worries, but I've made an appointment to see my nice gp, I'm going to go armed with a long list of questions.

My question is, has anyone else been diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency or Addison's disease without having the SST?

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Yes you really should get all the answers you need to calm your mind. Your GP should be the right person to help you.:)

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Thanks. Will let you know how I get on!

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