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Something very positive

I made an appointment with a podiatrist (Sussex MSK Partnership) and when I opened the confirmation letter it contained a surprise. A separate sheet headed "Getting the best from my care and treatment". It has four sub-headings. 1 "Do you still have symptoms? What has changed since your last appointment?" 2. "What still worries you about your condition or symptoms?" 3. "If you have been offered treatment (e.g. medicines) or ways to look after yourself (exercises, changes to your life, behaviours etc) how have you been getting on?" 4. "Do you have any further questions you would like to ask?"

I know that many people prepare for appointments in a similar way, but I think this is very helpful to many others and will make appointments more beneficial. A great idea and whoever thought of it should get a reward. I wish this were a NHS standard.

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This is great - it helps people to prepare for their appointment and know what sort of information the provider needs.

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Oh ok.


That sounds like a fab idea - I've asked for a podiatry referral so I hope that when i get mine,it will go some way of a similar nature to this.... we can dream,can't we?! 😝 X


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