something I did before RA took over!!

something I did before RA took over!!

Took this photo in sunny Iraq, circu206-7, on a captured munitions arms depot. The wildlife had been protected by armed guards,barbed wire, gun pits etc, so they viewed us humans as no threat. In the distance I believe is Route Hershey between Tikrit and Baijjie,the berm is surrounds storage bunkers full with things which go bang.

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  • Wow what a beautiful animal. And thanks for what you did.


    Amazing you.

    Don't forget it!

  • Great photo, thanks for being there putting yourself at risk for us, bloody ironic though that after doing something like that you end up suffering RA. Just typical of RA never takes prisoners! ☹️

    hope your not suffering too much

    Best wishes


  • Thank for sharing. The bird (owl?) blends right in. Are you a photographer or was this a hobbie? Are you still taking photos?

  • Hi no not a professional, it was a chance shot,the owl was hunting and took no notice of me. I managed several shot's, before a r/t disturbed him. It was a little bit of calm in a otherwise hetic day. Glad you liked it. Warmest Craig

  • What a beautiful image in such an ugly situation. Doesn't nature make you wonder, why would it be there when there are much more beautiful surroundings? Ah well, there must be food for it otherwise it wouldn't be would it? Thought provoking pic Craig that's for sure. Thanks to all who are there & those who have been.

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