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2 days in?!? Surely not.


Hello everyone

Only two days back at work and I feel things slipping. Tingling in hands and pain in knees where I have had a nearly pain free christmas holidays. Is this just me psychologically not wanting to be back at work or do you think it's possible that the stress and general having to push through things could have an impact in such a short time? I am a teacher which is pretty demanding but I'm not down the mines!!

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Personally I think I might prefer being down a mine to being in a classroom (as long as I could chip away at the coal with a small teaspoon from a comfy chair!). Teaching sounds mega-stressful to me, and no doubt you are on your feet most of the day? A lot of pampering required perhaps to get back into the swing of it?

AgedCrone in reply to helixhelix

Agree 100% HH. I have recently had new neighbours with children ...aged around 7 & 9.

The Mother has no control over them...they tell to 'go away' (!) & she does ....there is no discipline at all & no consequences for the swearing & other dreadful behaviour.

The thought of trying to educate 30 kids like that in one room makes me think teachers are either Angels or Mad!

Give me the Good Old Days when we stood up & said Good Morning to our teachers..who were clean, smartly dressed & knew their subject. We respected them....but feared our parents wrath even more if teacher asked to"Have a quiet word with you're.mother"!

I know...I'm a Dinosaur!

Hidden in reply to AgedCrone

I have the greatest repect for teachers. They come across the best of families and the very worst of families.

I've always believe "You get what you raise" Sounds like the mother is an idiot that lives next door to you. Poor kids being raised by a fool. I hope some adult can teach them manners and help them survive their childhood.

AgedCrone in reply to Hidden

No chance ....she doesn't work & has a £300k social housing house (that our taxes pay for) on what was a nice private road! I wonder if she is struggling but she doesn't speak to anybody so no one can help her.she is very young & I surmise she might be one of the first generation of children who grew up without discipline & is virtually unemployable as she can't fit in a workplace structure?

The village school is excellent..but the kids don't seem to go much.

lol probably both !!!! I'm happily retired now after nursing may be the thoughts should now be how many hours do you need to work , can you afford to reduce them ? Can you approach your employer for gadgets or gizmos to help ?

But if you enjoy it then you need to work out the work life balance i.e. Is it worth coming home and having to rest in order to get to work .

I got a union rep who helped me a lot with decisions and getting my employers to help but eventually retired on ill health but the union and personelle helped me get my pension earlier .

Good luck and happy new year!!


Teaching is a highly stressful job! I would rather hand feed crocodiles!!

Take it easy.

Pah! I would rather be down the mines than tackle some of todays kids!, they spot a weakness and you have more chance with a pack of hyenas and no authority on ur side. I would think its the stress and i fully understand why. Blessings.

Thanks all! Well you raised a smile! Here's to next half term!

I am exactly the same. Only 2 days back and have taken the next 2 days as holiday dye to aching and stiffness. I don't think I can manage anymore but feel unbeleived by at work .

You have my sympathies. I reluctantly gave up teaching in July 2015, after years of saying the RA wouldn't beat me! Money might be a bit tight, but my quality of life is much better.

Have you seen OH? My meeting with them was very supportive.

Try driving 30 of these little darlings home on a bus at the end of the day...


I know what you mean. After various surgeries, I'm back to work but on a phased return. I'm just doing the two days at the minute but by God, by the end of the second day I feel like I've aged at least ten years! I'm a social worker in a busy locality team - it can be a stress!

Thanks everyone I never thought I'd be this suppprted by an on line presence! Sorry to be all mushy!

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