Can methotrexate work faster than they say

So I was put on methotrexate starting at 10mg with the aim of getting to 20mg. I suffered very severe gastric side effects so only managed three weeks on the drug. But the thing is I'm sure my RA improved a bit. I have now been given the injections instead. I've been very unwell for a month whilst on no treatment. I had my first injection of 10mg on Friday. It is now Monday and I swear the pain is less. Am I making this up. I know they say it takes three months not one week

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  • It worked pretty quickly for me although I wasn't taking it for long. Clemmie

  • I guess it's possible since we all metabolise drugs differently (I think!).

  • Well you know what they say the quicker the better, great if it's working so fast

  • As you'd already been on tablets there will still be some of the MTX's effects still in your system so it will have been like having a little holiday from it. If I need to halt my MTX for any reason (antibiotics or other reason) I start to notice RD having a go within 2, sometimes 3 weeks. When I restart it it's like a boost for the first week, I feel very much better so maybe you're experiencing similar, perhaps even more so with now being on injections. Also subcut is more better absorbed, possibly another reason you've felt an improvement so quickly. Whichever I'm pleased it's working & hope you find you tolerate it better with fewer side effects.

  • Touch wood I've not had any side effects with the subcutaneous yet, but early days. Ended up in hospital with side effects of the tablets

  • Dont knock it, if you have a positive reaction that quickly that is fantastic, i hope it continues to be as fast working for you and slams a halt on the progression you had. We will all cheer you on and if its team Frankie 1- RA 0 dont back off and tackle as hard as you can and slam every penalty you get into tbe back of the net and if it gets to 15 - 0 dont take your eyes off the ball for a second. Blessings. Leon.

  • They say it can take up to 3 months to notice an effect on your symptoms but can happen quicker than this .

  • If you think it is improving I'd say try stick to it! Hopefully the injections don't make you feel ill and you can see if it works.

    I started off on 25mg methotrexate in March and I swear I had noticed a difference in a month, it's been 9 months and I've been pretty good apart from two steroid injections in my knee, I have the odd sore joint in different places but it doesn't last and often settles down.

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