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Hi All

Not been on for a while hope everyone is pain free. I would like to know has anyone experienced night terrors. This is happening quite often. I am at my worst when I go to bed I think it is generally overdoing things over the course of the day. Just as I am about to doze off I get this horrible feeling of pure dread. I can't really explain the feeling but it's like I'm all on edge waiting for something awful to happen. It is really affecting my sleep as some nights I don't even want to close my eyes

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Could it be a side effect from some of your meds ? I think its worth checking with your doctor. My son experienced this but it was due to puberty, its is very distressing.


I would suggest that you get yourself to your GP. They may offer you counseling, or change your meds.



It happened to once or twice, but mine came from the patches I used to give up smoking, and they were bad enough everything seemed so real. I hope you get sorted very soon.

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I had this a few years back with cholesterol tablets, had to come off them. Best you check this out with your GP, makes you so tired in the day as well. X


It was suggested to me that the nightmares that I often get - and then dread going back to sleep - are due to the codeine that I take at night for the pain. But that doesn't explain why I get them really badly some nights and not others. I have found that going to bed before the news seems to be better - so it may be triggered off by the awful things on the news and the dread about the future being made worse?


I sometimes wake in the night and find it hard to get back to sleep because so many things run through my mind. Meditation has come to my rescue. I found it quite hard to start with but with practise and persistence and being forgiving to myself I mostly get into a relaxed state and sleep quite soon. Maybe that's something worth looking into? Have you looked at the section about sleep on the NRAS website? I hope you find a way to get restful sleep, it's so important. All the very best.


What Medstead are you on it had the them with am amtripoline stopped.for 2 weeks and now starting again not had any YET but watch this space.

Hooe you feel better soon but phone your help line that was what I did good luck.


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