Hi! Newbie here---RA survivor

Hi I have had RA for almost 20years. It was pretty devastating & incredibly debilitating when it first started....I went from being a sporty, active mum of 2, working full time as a primary school teacher,to feeling like I was 94 & creaky as an old door!!

I smiled & battled through all the physical & mental challenges that the sudden & rapid onset of this chronic disease brought with it. I was fortunate to have an extremely caring & supportive partner who helped me to continue to work in a job I loved for 14 years. i also worked in a very supportive school & no matter how much pain I was in it helped so much to be there as it distracted my mind from it. A positive attitude has been key to my survival, even now when I am still searching for the medicine that works for me, without destroying my liver....I consider myself lucky that so much research is being done & one day there will be something they will work for me..!!! You have to have hope...

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  • Congratulations to you and your par tuner for staying positive. Let's hope one day this whole disease will be a thing of the past!

  • Welcome here.

    And it's good to hear your successes. We often don't acknowledge that it has been a struggle but we have managed it. And good too that you have a supportive partner as, all too often, we hear how other people don't "get it" and become distant and uncaring.

  • How wonderful for you and your partner. You're an inspiration to all of us. A positive attitude is so important to be in control of this condition. Live carries on. All the very best.

  • well done.

  • Hi and welcome, it's always interesting to hear of someone else's journey..where would you say you stand with pain and mobility? Have you found the medication that works for you? Some people advocate diet changes have you found this beneficial at all,..I think we are all on a huge learning curve and the more information we can glean from one another the better....thank goodness for NRAS and our personal support network.

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