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Gluten free sourdough!!!!



I thought I would share my find in good old Sainsbugs today.... Yes! a gluten free sourdough loaf so I don't get the gluten agrivation AND I get the positive gut probiotic input thingy off the sourdough YEAH!!! And all for £2 pound which is cheaper than most gluten free loaves plus it tastes good as well.... all my Christmases in one hit.

Happy munchings 😎


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I don't like this at all, Shar is much much nicer and I'm Celiac so have to get it. All Shar products are great. Shar bread is bendy and not sweet like the majority of GF bread. Lovely wrapped around a gf sausage.

We have our pet sourdough starter that lives in the fridge, and we make bread, pizzas, crumpets and so on. I'm not coeliac, but they taste good! Kneading dough is quite a gentle exercise for my hands as don't thump it, but stretch & throw which doesn't hurt.

Hi Helixhelix,

Where did you get your starter sourdough pet from? I gather it's like a ginger beer plant and it regenerates - yes?

I was given it by a friend, but easy to make your own. just flour & water & time. Or can add a natural source of yeast like grapes or apples. Look at Paul Hollywood's website as he explains how to get started. It all sounds v complicated but once you get into it it's very easy.

Funnily enough, I've got Paul Hollywood's instructions ready to go! As you say, seems straight forward but with a bit of fiddling to get into the swing of it.


Hi Ali,

We have got into sour dough in the last few months and we love it. No medical reason for us to use it, it just tastes better! Not the GF one, mind - I've not seen that version you a picture of.

If it's not on the shelves, as in 'sold out', you can ask for them to check the freezer and they will frequently have some available. That's in our Sainsbury's anyway.

Cheers.... I pick up a sourdough if I can but this is the first gf one I have seen. Didn't know such a thing was available until yesterday.- Country bumpkin that I am!


weathervane in reply to Ali_H

Hi ali

Is it on the baked in store section. I would love to try it 😄

It was in the 'free from' section I think... memory is trash!! I find it quite light and not 'dryish'/'powdery' like I find some of the other gf stuff... I'm not celiac but like to keep my gluten down without paying through the nose for stuff.


Thanks i will check that out tomorrow x

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