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GP Visit post rheumy Appt

GP Visit post rheumy Appt

So after the rheumy visit on Wed when I saw a registrar who just shrugged her shoulders when I asked about my hands and jaw and what I can do, he sent me off for an xray of hands and told me once he gets results he will plan what I need for my hands. Jaw I will have to go to a dentist and the mouth splint will be about $1,500. Hmm won't be getting that then. He also told me to chase up hospital if I don't hear from them about parathyroid scan as my PTH levels are high and have been climbing for the past 4 years. So because of that he is also sending me for a full body BMD test to see what stage the damage to my bones is at. I just want things to stop for a while, I spend so much money on all these things grrrrr

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Sounds as if you are in the US?

If so change your Rheumy if your insurance permits that.....there are sympathetic doctors around who don't dole out treatment like you have experienced.

I've had RA for 17 years & luckily haven't had any off hand treatment, but I'm sure the stress you are under only makes things worse.

I had terrible pain in my jaw when I was first diagnosed & was told that it is quite common & will pass, & it did !

Take care....hope things get better!


No I am in Oz. I emailed the Rheumy nurse today and she apologised and was quite stunned that the registrar hadn't taken it that seriously. Anyway too late now I am getting it underway myself with the GP. I told her it was disappointing and I thought that was part of the care I was supposed to receive. My rheumy who is the head of rheumatology wasn't there but I guess he will hear about it now.

This is the first time this year that I have had jaw pain and have had it for over 4 months now and it is increasing. i need to do something as it is getting difficult to open my mouth and don't even want to talk., Some people would be happy with that though hahahahah


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