Thanks for everybody's well wishes

Hello, I attended my appointment this morning and have been diagnosed with RA within 2 minutes of walking in the consulting room which I was glad about as I was worried about being made to wait. Following this I had baseline foot hand and chest X-rays done, further blood tests and am booked in for an MRI and ultrasound next week as they currently want me to start on methotrexate and hydroxy but if the results come back and look fairly clear in terms of inflammation and erosion then I may be able to delay the methotrexate.

thanks again for support.

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  • Hi it's almost a relief to actually have a diagnosis isn't it? Now you can do something about it...when I had the Mri scans I was shocked that it showed up in my feet as I had no pain or discomfort in them.. My Rheumy consultant put me on Hydroxychloroxine and MTX but after 3 months took me of MTX as liver enzymes went silly..I'm now trying Sulphasalazine . You will be given the number for the RA nurse which is an absolute boon, don't be afraid to call her as she will be a great support.. (As is this forum) good luck

  • Hi yes it's a relief to get a diagnosis now you can focus and try to work your way back although there will be bumps along the way you will get there xxx

  • Hi Amy,

    Now you are on the treatment road hopefully things will settle down again for you soon and life can go on again... in a slightly altered vein admittedly but still going on!

    All the best


  • I was relieved to get a diagnosis of RA as my mum had osteoporosis and I dreaded getting that. For you it might be a shock but now you can look forward knowing that their are some very good medications that work well for most people. I take Leflodamide and am in remission, life is normal and hopefully it will continue to be this good for a long while. So be positive and whilst the sun is still shining (here at least) work on the sitting out and perhaps the odd glass of Pimm's might be in order.

  • It's a little bit uncanny that I'm currently at a garden party with pimms in hand! :-) thankyou

  • Mixing a jug myself !!

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