RA and fibromyalga and PIP

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I am feeling pretty rubbish at the moment. I still have no word about my PIP mandatory reconsideration and my motability car has gone back. Because I had a break in my lease in 2013 when my driving licence was temporarily taken off me (due to benign essential tremor which DVLA thought was Parkinsons!) I am not entitled to the transitional payment from motability. I saw my RA specialist last week and I now have fibromyalga as well so referred to pain clinic as I basically cannot walk at all now and I am constantly exhausted. Does anyone have any advice re Fibromyalga? My rheumy suggested trying to keep active but as I cannot walk now (apart from a few steps) I cant exercise so I am really struggling and the weight is piling on due to permanent steroids and steroid infusion after a bad reaction to Rituximab. My rheumy is reluctant to give me any more drugs for RA re bad reaction and limited response to others (enbrel, humira etc). Over the last few years I cannot seem to catch a break, last year was diagnosed with underactive thyroid, the year before osteo as well as RA, lung disease and eye disease. I hope I have come to the end of what RA can cause . Any advice much appreciated. Feeling really low at moment and could do with a break.


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Hi there I can sympathise and this is what's wrong with this government the facts are there in black and white so they should not be penalising the people that rely on these things to help them get out and about. Keep fighting and if the letter comes and says you've been refused then put a appeal in and don't give up because that's what these yes men want xxx


I can't help 're fibromyalgia I'm afraid Donna though sorry to hear you've yet another condition to deal with along with losing your car & everything else. Just to let you know that my response for mandatory reconsideration took about 3 weeks before I heard from DWP, taking into consideration postal times. This was back in January 2015 so I don't know what's an expected length of time nowadays but thought if it's much longer it may be worth contacting the DWP to ask. I can imagine the longer it goes on it is another thing to worry about & the more it'll affect you.

I hope your request is successful. x


thank you. x

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