Podiatry or orthotic

Podiatry or orthotic

Looking for advice please. Last 14 months have been suffering with a problem with my posterior tibial tendon. I have RA and after having an xray on my ankle, a scan and an mri, it was found that I have early osteoarthritis in my ankle joint and also in my metatarsal bones of foot. Also have scarring of posterior tendon through tendonitis, but looks like the tendon is still pretty intact. There has been a great improvement in the last couple of months (Hurrah) Have been under orthopedics at hospital and they have been wonderful and so thorough. My last appt they said they could do multiple injections into foot to help heal and give me relief depending on how much pain I could cope with (ie was the pain in my foot not too bad now) I said I could have done with that a year ago really. I chose not to go through with that option but a further appt in 2 months just to make sure my foot really was healing. The Dr said he could have me referred to have an insole made with orthoticss. To be honest I am a bit wary about the orthotic. On advice of my rheumy nurse, very much at the beginning of my problem, she said RA attacking, causing arch to drop, go buy a pair of arch supports, which I did and the damn things nearly killed me they caused the swelling to become so much bigger. Orhtopedics said my arch is still pretty good and I actually feel more comfortable in a flat shoe. So for one I know orthotics at hospital have a pretty long waiting list, they are expensive to make, and I don't want to waste them and I feel that I could actually get a more through service at podiatry which my gp can refer me to which is a 4 week waiting list, plus I have a big toe dropping. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Jeanette this is the type of swelling I was getting

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  • Pediatry who will then refer you on to orthotics who will make up customised insoles for you... best thing I Did! No charge made for the insoles either but yes waiting lists are long so get on them asap.

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  • Custom made orthotics and off the shelf arch supports are a world apart. My latest orthotics, made via 3D imaging look like a dog's dinner as they're a stuck together assembly of weird bits of different density latex etc, and I was convinced they'd collapse instantly. But they are hugely helpful. My last pair were made the old fashioned way using casts of my feet, so these new techniques impress me - especially if they work!

    Personally I'd go for both! Get on the waiting list for the hospital orthotics, and meanwhile go see a podiatrist. If that sorts the problem you can always come off the orthotic waiting list or cancel the appointment.

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