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Is this Pallindromic rheumatism?

Hello, I had overnight "out of the blue" onset of excruciating shoulder pain in Nov 2014 after a really bad chest infection which my GP said was probably a virus. The pain was the worst in my life! It then flitted about from joint to joint, and after a couple of agonising weeks I was referred to a Rheumatologist.. He diagnosed

" Pallindromic sydrome" onset RA . Howevef I thought RA was different to Pallindromic syndrome, but an associated condition? I do feel much better now. My initial fatigue is going, and I am no longer anaemic. Now 2 years on, I have no heat in joints,no redness, only some brief stiffness and slight ache in morning . I am on Plaquenil, with no problems but how much of the stiffness and ache I am having is from the OA I have in fingers, feet, and knees ?( diagnosed by Xray which did not show any joint damage in hands and feet , but the knees show OA)) Am I correct in that true Pallindromic syndrome, though related to RA can be self limiting over about 2 years, (sometimes dissapearing of its own accord )and doesn't leave damage to joints? My recent blood tests show Plasma Viscosity is normal, and C Reactive protein is 7. .Rheumy not very helpful, hence my query to the site! Thanks!

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I would be taking a list of questions to my next appointment to try and get some answers. BUT - it may be that there isn't an answer apart from "Wait and see". Some people seem to be diagnosed with Palindromic Rheumatism and end up with a diagnosis of RD. So it may be the a firm diagnosis may only emerge with time.

And it's clear from the discussions on here that a lot of people have a "vague" diagnosis because the typical findings of RD are not present, or the start is different, or it progresses into something else later (e.g. some people suddenly develop psoriasis after having "Atypical RD")

So as long as the inflammation is controlled and your life isn't too affected, don't worry too much about the label.


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