Refrigerator warning

We returned from holiday and noticed the clock on our cooker had stopped.

I checked with a neighbor and was told the power had been off for a few hours.

I thought with the fridge not being opened that the Humira would be OK ,not so when I told the practice nurse whilst having bloods taken she told me that thier fridges are only good for about 40 mins .That must be the reason that I've had bad reaction to my injection.

Regards Mike

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  • You need to speak with your supplier of humira about the impact of the fridge failure and they can advise. Certainly humira can come out of the fridge for several days and be used and is still "good"- which is why it can be transported cool, but unrefrigerated for holidays etc. I think practice fridges contain a whole range of different drugs which is why the guidance is specific for them.

  • I'm aware that Humira can be stored under 25 for about 14 days .but it shouldn't go back into the fridge after warming up. Not being. in the house when the power failed I had no control over the situation ,as I said I thought the fridge would be good for a few hours but I was wrong. I've been in touch with Humira and waiting for them to get back to me.

    I've got fresh inj so should be ok now, I was posting my experience as a warning in case anyone else had a pwer failure.

    Thanks for reply .

    Regards Mike

  • Hiya

    Thanks for sharing your story. It is timely. It could happen to anyone. We were fortunate that when we had an hour long power cut recently I was surprised at how quick the fridge cooled. It was really good to hear the purring sound of the fridge come back on! and I got away with it.

    Although it is said you can leave biologics out of the fridge for 25 days I have never felt they were as effective as when they were used freshly chilled. They may be OK to use but, even though I only went a week, I would never do it again.

    Thanks again.


  • Up date spoken to healthcare at home. They said that the time the fridge was off the Humira should be ok being chilled down again.

    Apparently it can verie depending on the batch.

    The reactions I got are apparently normal even though I've never had any inj site reactions in the last 9 mths. I'll see what happens this weekend after my next not to bad b.g.

    Regards Mike

  • Hopefully no more power cuts. All the best for the next injection.


  • Thanks for the info. My first batch has just arrived. Awaiting the nurse. Quick question - how long did you have to wait until the nurse turned up? In a lot in pain - no treatment since Jan.

  • For me about a week


  • Thanks.

  • Hi Ranjmci I have just been contacted to say my first delivery is coming tomorrow ( yes) and the nurse will phone me Thursday latest Friday to make an appointment.

    Hope that helps.

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