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Hi to all those who have been following my blogs. As you know I moved to Canada last year to live close to my son and family. I know I made the right decision and I found a lovely flat just 10 minutes walk from my son's house and 5 minutes from my twin grand-daughters school. I only moved in this week so still sorting through all the boxes that I had shipped over.

I found a nice GP and a very nice Rheumatologist and she ordered all the tests so she could apply for me to have the same infusion I had in the UK Tocizumab I had my last TB skin test on Tuesday (2nd test, they always do 2 tests just to make sure) and then went back to see my GP yesterday to have it checked and it also passed. My GP wrote and faxed the results to the Rheumatologist whilst I was with her and now I have to wait to be approved. I keep having flare ups but they haven't lasted as long, sometimes lasting only a day or two at most. Fingers crossed, if I could that I get approved. I want to be able to reduce the prednisolone as that is causing me to be diabetic induced which is causing me all kinds of problems.

I hope everyone is as best they can be with this awful disease, take care everyone.

Sue xx

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I'm so pleased that the move has gone so well. Hope you get approval for your biologic soon. Keep in touch! M xx


Hi Hatshepsut, my next apt with the new Rheumy is July 6th, I will hopefully know by then whether or not I have been approved for the infusion. I really do hope so as I am having more and more flare ups as my last infusion in the UK was the week before I came over here, the 3rd week in December.

I hope everyone is pain free, take care, Sue xx


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