Help nice rosy rash

I have been on sulfasalazine for a few years  now  but recently had to increase the dose  from 4 500mg tablets  a day to 6. One week into this dosage I had a slight rash which was improving, now after two weeks it is back, itchy on forehead and upper trunk. no other  symptoms, just wondering wetter it will improve as I get used to the new dosage.

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  • Hi Chrissycl

    I think it would be a good idea to phone your rheumy nurse or team and tell them about the rash.

    My rheumy nurse said if I got any sort of rash while taking sulphasalazine to stop taking it and tell them. I am not telling you to stop but if you can't talk to the rheumy team I would suggest seeing your GP for advice. As a last resort talk to your pharmacist for advice.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Wish you well


  • thank you,  will phone  tomorrow

  • Best do what BG said.

    I had a rash about a week or two after I started taking sulfa and rheumy stopped me taking it straight away.

  • yes think you are right. will phone tomorrow

  • Don't know about rash but interesting to know your dose Rheumy said I couldn't increase mine any more as I was on highest at 4 ×500 GM day so I will be question ing him next time as I still loads pain every day

  • Apart from the rash it has helped.not as stiff or as painful

  • Well the rash disappeared  before the phone call except for  on the forehead, that turned out to be a new moisturiser.  So it was a false alarm  thankfully

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