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Advice for lethargy

I need some advice please.   I'm am finding that the lethargy  is causing me so many problems right now.  I sleep well at night but my days are spent feeling shattered.  Limbs heavy, eyes heavy.  When I'm working I'm ok.  My days off are made up of me wasting them lounging around all day.   It's one symptom that people seem to understand even less.  Just want to feel full of beans but instead I feel lazy.  Any suggestions on things that may help would be appreciated.  

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I suppose keeping active would be a suggestion but I'm in the camp of if you've worked hard all week you need to let your body rest at weekends, overdo it & you risk unknowingly bringing on a flare then your body really is telling you to rest. I know it's not what you want to do but sometimes you have to listen to what your body's telling you. Maybe try alternate weekends, an activity weekend & then the following weekend have a restful one? It's not being lazy, don't beat yourself up, you're managing a chronic disease. ;)


I would say you are doing very well considering you have an aggressive inflammatory disease which has only recently been diagnosed. Your body is coping with chronic RD, the new medications and work and life in general. I am in awe that you are able to work at all. Well done. I was unable to even clean my teeth let alone get out of the house to work.

Work can be a distraction  but I would suggest rest as much when you can and perhaps learn to relax and not worry about resting. I say that because having always been very active I still have to tell myself it is ok to rest and as nmh has said already I think many of us here beat ourselves up a bit when we give in to resting.

Take care


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I understand so very well.  Fatigue, as they call, it is so debilitating.  I think it is as bad as the pain this damn disease makes us suffer.

"Fatigue" is the invisible symptom that is not at all understood by those who do not suffer.  Those incredulous looks when I try to say I am too tired to do anything. !!!!

I too sleep fairly well, but most mornings wake exhausted.  I really have to push myself to do anything some days.  I refuse to rest unless physically incapable of doing anything, I disagree that resting does any good, the more I do the more I can do. 

I go to the gym, go walking, do pilates, enjoy gardening, but often have to drag myself out to get anywhere. 

The more I do the more I can achieve. 

However, lethargy moves in some days.  Then, the less I do the more tired I feel.

When I complain to RA professionals they shrug.  It is, apparently, something that has to be suffered.  They have no answers.

Any bright ideas will be most appreciated. 

Meanwhile I am going to paint some fence and ***** to the pain later.


Oh how I empathise. I have been off work all week with extreme fatigue. I am usually (previously?) full of beans and energy. Having spoken to the specialist nurse at the hospital a couple of weeks ago, apparently things should improve dramatically when the meds kick in. I am on HCQ and apparently they can take 2 or 3 months to work! I too wake up just as tired as I was when I went to bed. I am forcing myself to achieve a few things in the day before afternoon collapse. You are doing great even getting to work! I am feeling low and a bit useless with fingers crossed for the 'miracle meds'.


Might be worth thinking about your diet? Have a look at some of the previous posts if that interests you!


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