starting to get nervous about x ray Tuesday

I know I really want to know what's going on but knowing my hand x ray is Tuesday I'm starting to get anxious. Every day I'm having severe pain in my fingers and knuckles, my right middle and ring fingers look like there fusing together as I can't separate them without agonising pain in my knuckles. My top knuckle on left hand looks like there's a lump forming next to it as well as underneath my middle finger. Hard to believe I'm 28 tomorrow but my body feels like my nans lol.

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  • Try to think about it as the first step to getting better and being able to play with your kid. From what you say the x-Ray is bound to show something, and should mean that you can start one treatment or another. When I was first diagnosed I was really bad, and never believed that I'd ever get back the function I'd lost. But I did.... So if it is RA the the medicines can work wonders.

  • I am recently diagnosed and not too bad at the moment, but your posts and responses have been the best tonic on my fear days. Thank you helix helix!

  • Hi -- as Helix says it's a good idea to try to think of it as the" beginning of the end"" of your pain. It was a long time for me to be diagnosed but once on medication I had my life back-- it was amazing. I am between medication atm due to rare side effects and, after missing 3 doses I am already feeling it. I do hope you get sorted soon and get the relief that a lot of others have. ☺x

  • Hi Ray, hope it goes well for you. I found having a clear cut diagnosis helped as at least you know what you are up against and can start treatment. Like the others said its amazing how treatment can change things. Happy Birthday for tomorrow hope you enjoy the day with your family x let us know how it goes. X

  • Hi the sound of things you very obviously have things going on and a X-ray will pick this up and as others have you said you will be on the first step to treatment. If the X-ray does not show anything however...push for ultrasound scan of your hands sometimes it's not always offered as what happened to me! Apologies if I've over complicated it for you but they don't always offer the ultrasound and X-Ray's don't always pick everything going on up such as inflammation. Good luck

  • Hope every things ok I got4 injections in my hand yesterday and 2 in my knees and 2 ankles, and after I was very sore but I was really struggling but today I'm improving so it should keep me going as I'm hoping to add a biological too go with my methotrexate and I will drop the sulfazalasine and hydrocloroqine which are doing nothing. It's really bad when your hands are hurting because your limited in what y can do hope y get fixed out, we are all here for you

  • Please try not to worry too much and have a happy birthday! I am young too and I know it feels ridiculous to be like an elderly person at such a young age. You feel tired, sore, stiff and sluggish. My hands were the same (and my feet) but after a few weeks on methotrexate and naproxen and then etanercept, my hands are back to almost full function though the joints are still large and misshapen. I do drop things a little too frequently and I struggle with scissors, cutting and opening things, but they're still quite useable and only a little discomfort. Once you're diagnosed properly and on the right treatment you'll hopefully see and feel a big difference. Be strong and fight for quick treatment. The earlier they catch it the better!

  • Hi I was like you a couple of years ago they couldn't find anything on the X rays so don't worry its best to see a good doctor which I have just done in my own surgery I have o esteoarthritis in my thumbs.Hope all goes well and whatever the outcome be sure there will be someone to help you or on here to listen to you.

  • Thank you all for the response, had a brill birthday albeit a painful one. X rays tomorrow and gp appointment on the 4th of which I am hoping I will have an answer. Not feeling so anxious anymore as I just want to get it sorted. Thanks again :-D

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