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Help please

Afternoon all hope your all as pain free as possible in this damp cold weather

Please can you give me some advice

I was diagnosed with RA and OA nine years ago I take MTX Hydeoxy and Lefumatoide I also take Amladoppline every day for Hypertension I have very irregular heartbeat and have the most dreadful bad turns

I've tried three different Biologics

that I had such really bad reactions to

So my Rhumy wants to put me on Toxi infusions I'm not sure I should as I'm dreadfully scared of the bad side affects

Can anyone tell me if you've tried this how good or bad it's is and any side affects

I'm dreading telling my Rhumy I don't want to try this I know he will get really cross with me

Love to you all xxzxxx

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I know it a difficult thing to make a choices about or health care but you should not have to worry about a doctor getting cross with you give your self time and ask the questions when you go to see your doctor don't feel bullied


Hi Ellio,

If you mean Tocilizumab, I have been on it. Had no side effects at all. It only didn't had succes. The inflammation was no reduced . I took it for about 6 month, 1 infusion each month.

Wish you all the best. The irregular heartbeat can be caused by the Hydroxychloroquine. You better ask your Rheumy about that.

Wish you all the best.



Although we refer to a group of medicine as biologics there are several types which in simple terms different ones attack different types of cells. I did find a diagram a while ago so if you go onto my 'profile/page' you should find it my previous posts - biologic treatments and target cells. Farm

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Well said freethepixi


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