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Swollen arms dissapearing

I have been in a lot of pain recently in my wrists and have twisted my back ( ribs hurting)

Have had swollen arms for a few years,but noticed that I can see my wrists and have a lot of loose flesh hanging under my arms. Why has the swelling gone down? anybody know. I am waiting for the doc to ring and will ask him. I am hoping that all is well as I have a small lump in my neck and having an op on it in Feb. I have taking water tablets for about two year and this has never released the water in my body.

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The doc rang I told him about the water loss in my hands and arms. I said I had RA he said that I did not have it. I asked was this normal is it was ra and he said no. That you had swelling if you had it,Derr I then told him about the pain etc., and the trigger thumb. He then said that he was reffering me back for injections in my hands,(steroid)

Well if I did not have ra what was I going to hospital for. I had had the xrays and scan on my hands,it was not till I told her it felt like putting my hands in boiling water. Thats when I had the scan on my hands which showed her that I had inflammation of 3 points in both hands. I think because I refused to take the methotrexate any more that they signed me off at the hospital.

Anyway getting the injections hopefully will make that part of my body work again. It is not good when you can not use a kettle or open the milk top. (It has been 2 years since they signed me off at the muscular skelitor)


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