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Benefits for Seniors

I'm 72, so get the State Pension and Freedom Pass (free travel on London Transport, and I think in other cities as well, though I haven't had much opportunity to test that theory).

I have a Blue Badge and a TaxiCard which will be reviewed later this year. I am quietly confident that I will get it renewed.

I am hoping to be moving house. In the next houseI will have a lift installed and my bathroom will be made en suite. The architect thinks I would be able to reclaim VAT because I am disabled - possibly even on the studio which I will have in the garden so that it's accessible.

But I am not actually "Registered Disabled" and don't know what that would be in a Senior.

Does anyone know what documentation I would need to claim the VAT?



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Whenever I've purchased something and said it was for me I've signed a specific form the company has and not paid the vat. Admittedly the companies used have been mobility companies, but when I had my bathroom changed the person did not have these forms therefore had to pay the full amount. I would be interested to hear any responses you get as I'm having other work done in the very near future.


Thanks. I'll keep you posted.



I don't know why I didn't refer to this before troubling you.

I hope it help you too, Georje.

I think getting VAT relief for my studio (art) in the garden, because I won't be able to access it in the loft, might be pushing it a bit too far.

I think Hammersmith and Fulham were I am now, might have been amenable, but Hounslow are far stingier. But I'll be using an architect and I know he will do what he can. Then he can spend that money on something else! J


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