White eyebrow!

I started Hydroxychloroquine in September as at that time thought to be MCTD - now undifferentiated inflammatory arthritis, ? Psoriatic arthritis, but posting here as some of you have experience of Hydroxychloroquine.

I realise its a small thing compared to not being able to change a pillowcase or walk to the shops but its really annoying me how much my appearance is changing.

My left eyebrow is turning white. And my hair at hairline. Has anyone else had this?

(Also on mtx meloxicam cocodamol folic acid and amitryptilline.)

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  • Yes but mines due to old age xxx 😀

  • I was going a bit grey before this, but now my skin and hair are going white :) but only one eyebrow ! I tried a rinse (casting?) A couple weeks ago but it didn't seem to take well on white hairs.

    Ah well, it is definitely helping my fatigue so not complaining too much :)

  • I do have one whiter than the other, never put it down to drugs tho ? But I get them dyed!

  • Yep its a known side effect of Hydroxychloroquine, I have been so Lucky with mtx and had hardly any problems (apart from grapefruit juice gate) and if I don't eat with Hydroxychloroquine I get the runs but otherwise OK.

    When I was 48 I looked and felt 38 now I'm 49 I look and feel 59. I hate that part of it. Very shallow of me, but I think it distracts me from the really serious parts if I worry about what I look like ;) x

  • I've got Graves Disease - overactive thyroid with antibodies - and that caused the front of my hair to go quite silver. I'm in remission and I note my hair is still silver right round the front but I don't think it is as silver as it was when I was really bad. I had amitryptiline for a few weeks during my treatment but I was silver by then anyway.

    I'm taking hydroxycholoroquine at the moment - only 200mcg though - and apart from an odd grey hair in my eyebrows (which I normally tweak out!) they are fine.

  • If I tweak them all I will have a bald eyebrow - might have to resort to dying them but seems a bit of a waste when I'm 3 stone overweight and no fit to go anywhere :)

    Maybe when I am in remission and able to lose some weight I will spend some money on myself x

  • Hydroxychloroquine turned my brown hair to sandy blonde. When I lowered my hydoxy dose, it went back to brown. Strange side effect eh?

  • My hair which had a natural cul is going st right and my eyelashes are starting to curl. This is since changing to mtx injections and increasing the dose. Also take hydroxy and sulpha. My dx may change to psoriatic too after the next MRI.

    Hope all is good with you job wise now and you managed to get the more suitable job.

    I too work for the NHS.

  • Hi moomie, no, for Christmas I got a withdrawal of offer email. Spent last ten days pulling together all the correspondence and reports and they go in post to Unison today. I don't expect much, I assume they took legal advice, but just fighting them will cause stress and worry for them, and they desrve that.

    I feel a little twang of guilt costing the NHS money in legal expenses etc, but these managers need held to account. They claim I am not fit for the job, well I think they are not fit for their jobs!

    Will keep everyone up to speed.

  • Do not feel guilty. They are not the manager's of old. The ones we started under who cared like we care for our Patients. I went through the same.

    Keep on their backs and get all the advice you can. Good luck and do keep us posted.

  • What a strange side effect! I can't say anything about eyebrows/lashes, because mine have always been white! But I have noticed that my hair around my face is turning white. You can't really see it much unless I pull my hair back away from my face. I wonder if that's the hydroxy? Hmmm....

  • Yep it will be, exactly where mine is. It looks 'faded'

  • Sounds quite cute actually.....

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