Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I had a lovely Christmas Day and spent yesterday taking it easy and resting up as I felt so tired, like many of you. Today I have been housebound, not because of this disease but due to the flooding we are experiencing at the moment. I am lucky in that the floodwaters should not reach my home, hopefully. Last night an area only a mile away had to be evacuated to a local school. The Emergency Services, Army and Mountain Rescue ferried people in rafts, I felt so sorry for them having to leave their homes. It is bad enough seeing other towns and cities dealing with this but really hits hard when it is your own city. People who can get out have been taking food, clothing and blankets to the school and Morrisons donated a huge amount of fresh food as they are closed and cut off by the water. I was watching the news and can't believe how quickly this has happened. My son went for a walk this afternoon and took this picture of our previous home which is a 15 minute walk away and as you can see is totally surrounded by water. We have been told power cuts are likely so we have torches and candles ready in case. The river is due to peak tomorrow morning, let's hope it doesn't cause more damage. A huge thank you to the Emergency Services, and everyone else who is helping out, people do rally together when needed. Hope you are all avoiding the floods. Take care and stay safe. X

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  • My goodness you poor things this flooding is unbelievable, especially in the areas in Yorkshire which aren't usually affected so badly. I hope it goes down soon and doesn't leave too much mess! Best wishes.

  • Oh goodness me! It is so dreadful isn't it. It is going to take such a long time to get everywhere cleaned up and dried out. I really feel for all of the people involved and hopefully you will be ok too.

  • Yes it is bad, I think the cleaning up afterwards will be really hard for the people. I will help where I can when the main roads are open again. Hopefully we should be ok.

  • My son is the same in Leeds, it's not in the door yet but inches away. X

  • Sounds like you're fortunate to have moved that 15 mins away Sue, hope it doesn't reach you. It's awful how it's affected so many, particularly being Christmas, & still is in Cumbria & some parts of Lancs, flooding more than once. Even our area still has standing water but that's the council not clearing the drains of the sand which was lifted in the high winds & they're so blocked the rain water just can't drain away. There have been reports this morning of flooding near where a couple of my cousins live so must call & see if it's affected them.

  • The river peaked this morning and apparently is slowly falling. I can't get out yet the roads are still closed. The Army helicopter is taking parts and sand bags to help repair flood defences. I can see it clearly lowering the bags from my back garden. David Cameron has arrived and is seeing the damage. We had power cuts last night and today the phone lines are off, the main telephone exchange is flooded. The Internet is struggling and all cash points and card machines are off so cash only for anyone who can get to the shops. The police and hospital phone lines are off too so they have put out emergency contact mobile phone numbers. We are still clear of floodwater but there is another alert out for hurricane frank due on Wednesday. Hopefully the river will continue to fall before it arrives. This flooding is affecting so many areas and counties it's hard to believe it's happening. I have got spare blankets and duvets ready to take down to the school if I can get out tomorrow. They are desperate for things, so many people affected. Take care everyone, hope you and your families are managing ok. X

  • What a shock. Hope it subsides as quick as it came. Stay safe. Doreen

  • Thank you. Hope we are over the worst now. X

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